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BECAUSE OF ITS MUDDY BOTTOM, its lazy flow, and its suddenly changing moods,
Manitoba's Red River has earned the nickname, 'Mississippi of the North'.
It is prized by fisherman the world over for the huge channel cats that lurk in it's dark, turbid depths.
Although huge cats can be found almost anywhere along its 800+ kilometer length,
the largest concentration can be found just north of Winnipeg near Lockport Manitoba.
Two fisherman in a boat can often catch upwards of a dozen of these 20 pound plus giants
in an afternoon. It is not unusual to catch cats in the 30 plus pound range with lengths
reaching 40 inches.

Red River Cats has been silently offering packages to its hunting clientele from
Absolutely Canadian Outfitting for a number of years. We have now decided to open this
great resource to every fisherman or women who wants to experience the fight of an
ocean sized fish on an inland river. The season runs from mid May until the end of September.
Then the monster greenback Walleye move in. Walleye weighing 8 to 16 pounds are quite common
during the fall and ice fishing in winter. All this is available when booking with Absolutely
Canadian Outfitters.

Double and triple-headers such as the one pictured above make for great pictures and bragging rights
among all your fishing friends. Check out what two Minnesota outdoor writers experienced HERE.
To take part in this great adventure, send us an email at

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