Located directly on the bank of Manitoba’s famous Red River, immediately north of the Lockport Locks, Red River Cats is ideally located next to one of North America’s richest fishing environments. The Red River is home to approximately 70 different species of fish and has long been known as a home to the Channel Catfish, the inspiration for our name.

Located on the site formerly known as Cats on the Red, we at Red River Cats will strive to be an iconic establishment and focal point in our community. At Red River Cats, we plan on developing a reputation as a leader in the guided catfishing industry, offering experienced guides for tours that are as relaxed and as complete as our customers wish to make them. We are here to offer our customers a fantastic experience in this ever-changing market.

With the only accessible boat launch in the immediate area, we have further expanded our parking lot with two levels of parking available both for vehicles with attached trailers as well as single vehicles looking for an area to park for the day. Our launch is available even for those enthusiasts who like to fish well into the evening. Our boat launch prices offer single launch prices as well as season passes for those who wish to visit us frequently throughout the summer fishing season.

In 2021, we launched the availability of Ice Castle rentals. The luxury ice houses that sit directly on the ice have made the experience of ice fishing accessible to anyone and everyone without the cost of a large investment for the equipment. For 2022, we plan to launch our second luxury larger model available for rental, and are working closely with the Lockport Committee to develop the Ice Village, an easily accessible way to promote ice fishing and activity on the ice of one of our greatest resources. In the summer of 2022 we launched the first of our floating docks. Our dock has a screened-in gazebo with privacy curtain, furniture and BBQ, a great way to spend the afternoon during our beautiful Manitoba summers! These are just some of the ways we are evolving and building our future in the area.

In 2021, we also renovated the existing shop, expanding the space, and modelling after a 1950’s bait and tackle shop. Our bait shop offers a selection of baits, lures, fishing tackle and accessories, drinks and snacks available for sale, as well as vintage displays of lures, rods and reels, giving it a unique museum-like feel. We welcome our customers to stop by to peruse our displays, and flip through the time portal to the beginning and building of the Lockport Locks. A collection of information and photographs documented by a gentleman who worked on the actual construction of the dam itself boasts pictures from the first beginnings to the completion of the dam.

Whether you are an experienced angler, or someone on their first time out, there is something at Red River Cats for everyone. Red River Cats’ top priority is to provide anglers with a complete fishing experience by providing all the latest equipment, experience, and knowledge of the area. Our goal is to make the personal connections with our customers to ensure a fantastic fishing experience and memories that last a lifetime.

Red River Cats offers a high-quality service that is complete, and makes being able to experience a day of fishing whether in summer or winter accessible to everyone. With our packages, there is no need to invest in special equipment, and offers potential anglers the ability to experience fishing firsthand without making an initial large investment. We also welcome experienced anglers who may be looking to expand their current areas, or usual fish species. Our experienced guides can offer excellent tips, tricks, and locations that can result in bringing in the famous Red River catfish.

“The Red River is home to North America’s finest channel catfishing. Anywhere on the Red River, whether upstream in the U.S. or downstream on the Canadian side, you have a legitimate shot to catch a 20-pound or larger channel cat.

The real gem of the Red River is not so hidden about 15 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba below the St Andrews Lock and Dam. This very special section of river is the last 22 miles before the river meets Lake Winnipeg. This area boasts an amazing phenomenon where large numbers of huge channel cats migrate up the river out of the lake to feed. In fact, it is more common to see 20-pound channel cats than 10-pounders in this stretch. Migrating fish are stopped by the dam, keeping them in this section of the river. This ongoing feeding frenzy goes on from opening day in May through mid-September,”…

“No matter if you are on your way to Canada, passing through the Winnipeg area on the way to a fishing trip of a lifetime, or you just want to catch large numbers of trophy channel cats, there truly is no other place like this 22 miles of catfish heaven on earth.”

The site midwestoutdoors.com in an article by Brad Durick from February 2017