Situated on the banks of Manitoba’s famous Red River within sight of the locks in Lockport, Red River Cats is situated in the premier location of one of Manitoba’s richest fishing environments. The Red River has long been known as a home to the area’s famous catfish, for which we are named.

Located on the site formerly known as Cats on the Red, we at Red River Cats will strive to continue to be an iconic establishment and focal point in our community. At Red River Cats, we plan on continuing to build upon the reputation as a leader in the guided catfishing industry, offering experienced guides for tours that are as relaxed and as complete as our customers wish to make them. We are here to offer our customers a fantastic experience in this new and ever-changing market. The addition of Ice Fishing to be launched in winter 2021, along with corporate and community events, are just some of the new and exciting changes we have planned for our upcoming future.

Our newly renovated shop has been designed as a 1950’s bait and tackle shop with lures, reels, and rods all authentic to the time; giving it that unique museum-like feel.

We would love for our customers to see some of the history of the area and of the sport by stepping through our time portal through our shop to see the vintage items that we have on display. For those that wish something a little more “current with the times” we have that too. We offer a selection of bait, lures, and accessories for those wanting to add to a collection, or to begin one.

Whether you are an experienced angler, or someone on their first time out, there is something at Red River Cats for everyone. Red River Cats’ top priority is to provide anglers with a complete fishing experience. By providing all the latest equipment, experience, and knowledge of the area. Our goal is to make the personal connections with our customers to ensure a fantastic fishing experience and memories that last a lifetime.

Red River Cats offers a high-quality service that is complete, and makes being able to experience a day of fishing whether in summer or winter accessible to everyone. With our packages, there is no need to invest in special equipment, and offers potential anglers the ability to experience fishing firsthand without making an initial large investment. We also welcome experienced anglers who may be looking to expand their current areas, or usual fish species. Our experienced guides can offer excellent tips, tricks, and locations that can result in bringing in the famous Red River catfish.